Workshop 1

Be an outstanding “N.A.G.”in the first 90 seconds
(It’s not what you think)

  • Your four practical LuckABILITY tools to prove you are attentive
  • Use gender differences to interact with verbal abusers
  • True “war” stories tp demonstrate each new practical technique
  • Everyday language that is “Dirty” Talk (not cursing) that escalates  the abuser
  • What to always do before you give a compliment
  • Recognize body signals that suggest escalation or deescalation of verbal abuse
  • Three everyday words that might indicate you about to be lied to
  • Be alert to some common “cluster” lying signals 
  • Your three “N.A.G.” skills that start the descent of verbal abuse

Workshop 2

How To Control Verbal Abuse
(Theirs, yours, and mine)

  • How to absolutely never interrupt anyone again
  • More everyday “Dirty” Talk to avoid
  • Anger has a 3-step descending time Line - that must be sequential
  • Recognize the unspoken words of a verbal abuser on descending time line
  • Never use your “P.P.” at a verbal abuser (not what you think)
  • One specific body part might predict what will happen in the next few seconds
  • How to mirror image the abusers’ intensity without escalation the abuse
  • How to absolutely prove you were really listening to the abusive tirade
  • Defuse a “war zone” between 2 or more people without words
  • Some body signals that might indicate you are being lied too.
  • How to “Argue Twice.”

Workshop 3

Win Small Sequential Victories
(Learn to defuse confrontational interactions)

  • Find and press their positive button - everyone has one
  • Unusual technique to divert aggressiveness
  • Mistakes of inexperienced liars
  • Read eye position to recognize lies
  • What is cluster lying?
  • Have you “jailed” someone recently?
  • Better than “dirty talk”
  • Mental self-defense techniques

Workshop 4

Elicit Their Hidden Agenda
(Learn about the power of two magic words)

  • The power of “weird” numbers
  • Hear what is not said
  • How to greet a verbal abuser
  • Silent techniques
  • Hear hidden agendas
  • Read eye positions
  • Defuse “he said/she said”

Workshop 5

The Artful Communicator
(The importance of the first 90 seconds)

  • Go beyond success to...
  • Power handshakes
  • Language traps
  • Touching an individual
  • How to think backwards
  • Use the “dark find” technique for your future
  • A “chick’s” birth sums it all up