Peter Commanday

I have no magic wands nor any miracles. I do have practical techniques for immediate use.

Mr. Commanday was employed for twenty-eight years in New York City Board of Education. From 1978 until 2000, Mr. Commanday presented workshops and seminars nationally and internationally to over 350,000 people.

Practical Experience

  • 15 years as a teacher and dean in the South Bronx, New York
  • Settled countless thousands of disputes
  • Controlled over a hundred in-school gangs
  • Broke up over 5,000 fights NON-violently
  • Disarmed hundreds without physical force

Training Experience

  • Thirteen yearrs as Coordinator of Professional Training, Division of School Safety, NYC Board of Educaiton
  • Has trained school staff, police, security, psychologists, administrators, and hospital personnel

Guest Appearances Highlights

  • 20/20, ABC TV
  • Today Show, NBC TV
  • Geraldo Rivera Show, CBS TV
  • Donahue Show, NBC TV
  • 9 Broadcat Plaza with Matt Lauer, WOR TV
  • UN-CBS, United Nations Radio Show
  • Write ups in the NY TImes, Daily News, New Yorker
  • Published regularly in national education and safety journals